Video By 010oa

Audio By Pan Daijing

(Practice Of Hygiene)

Living a life may be only a single instant that I interpret falsely as time, my constant negation of being awake makes me look at dreams like it offer a glimpse into the infinite nature of living, it seems rather passive that I can be freed from the illusion called life as it does not leave me in one particular scene only, it traps me in an endless sessions of struggle.

Why are dreams somehow described as deceptive as hallucinations? All those suppressed urges and feelings that we believed to have, deep in our minds have once existed, but for how long? For as long as I am thinking. For it could be that were I totally to cease from thinking, Or should I totally cease to exist by entering a dreamless sleep.

If one day I ever find myself asking :' Am I dreaming? '

Where would I be?

VR Documentation

Video By 010oa

Audio By M.E.S.H.

(Nemorum Incola)

The Butterfly Dream Project is exhibited as two simulated worlds within VR, each world posseses its own distinct character of a dream reality. Through VR, viewers  perceive its isolating features in a hyper realistic way, emphasising the perception of distinguish between reality and dream, which remain unclear.